Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's an Aebersold and Where Do I Find Them?

Want to find new methods for building your jazz skills? Or have you heard the name "Aebersold" and not known what it means? Then explore our collection of Jamey Aebersold Jazz Play-Alongs. It is a series of more than 100 books with scores for jazz songs and accompanying play-along CDs. Each has a different theme such as:
If you're looking for a specific song in the series, we have an alphabetical song index at the circulation desk that includes the key and tempo for each piece.

But where will you find these books? We had previously shelved them in our main stacks under their call number, MT68 .A33 but found that it was impractical. They are now behind the circulation desk, so you will need to ask for them. However, unlike most materials behind the circulation desk, they are not reserve items. This means that students can check them out for a full two weeks, so you can take them home and practice at length.

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