Friday, March 9, 2012

Van Halen and Old News About M&M's

The reunited Van Halen will be in Boston this week. In conjunction with the band's relaunch, they have posted a video in which colorful frontman David Lee Roth explains the legend of their tour rider requirement for no brown M&M's backstage. The short version: it was never a diva-like demand to prove their importance but their own method of the canary in a coal mine, a warning sign that the tour promoters had ignored the more important safety requirements in their rider. Roth explains it in his own inimitable style in this video, but this is old news. He related the story in his 1997 autobiography Crazy from the Heat (ML420.R683 A3 1997) in the chapter entitled "M&M's" (p. 97).

Brown M&Ms from Van Halen on Vimeo.

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