Tuesday, April 3, 2012

So Percussion: Tiny Desk Concert on NPR and In Our Collection

So Percussion, a percussion ensemble from Brooklyn, is NPR's most recent band to appear on their Tiny Desk Concert series. Check out the video and watch them make music from everyday items around the office.

If you want to listen to more of their music, we have two of their albums right here in our collection: So Percussion (CD 27254) and Amid the Noise (Annex CD (Box 24)). If you find a CD in our catalog with a call number that starts "Annex CD," bring the information to the media center desk. These are CDs in our collection that have not been fully cataloged and labeled yet. If you request one, we will have it for you by the next business day at the latest, but it may only require a 10-minute wait if sufficient staff is available.

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