Thursday, August 8, 2013

Elevator Music

The elevator construction in 150 Mass Ave. has left the library down one working photocopier, and we may need to relocate the remaining functioning ones as the project continues. The situation is only temporary.

In the mean time, enjoy some elevator-related music. And we certainly don't mean bland instrumentals piped in by Muzak.
  • "Love in an Elevator" by Aerosmith on Pump (CD 10491
  • The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (CD 26208)
  • "Levitate Me" by the Pixies (with a refrain of "Elevator lady") on Come On Pilgrim (CD 3574)
  • "Elevator Eyes" by the Temptations on Emperors of Soul (CD 1513-1517 Disc 5)
  • "Elevator Man" on Saffire--The Uppity Blues Women (CD 27963)
  • Elevator by Hot Hot Heat (CD 25422)
  • "Elevator" by Flo Rida featuring Timbaland on Mail on Sunday (CD 30039)
  • "Elevator Woman" by Sonny Boy Williamson on Blue Bird Blues (CD 25440)
  • "Hippy Elevator Operator" by the W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band on Where the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets, 1965-1968 (CD 32914-32917 Disc 2)
Share your suggestions for elevator-related music.

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