Monday, February 25, 2013

Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal and Other New eBooks

Reference books don't circulate, which means they are always available in the library, but that does mean you need to get to the library to use them. This is what makes our online resources so convenient. A great example that was just added to our collection is the Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal Music from our eBook collection. You can access it from anywhere. And although, like our other eBooks, you can download the full text, because it is an encyclopedia, you'll probably only need to look up specific entries, which you can view online.

If you love heavy metal enough to at least consider reading this encyclopedia cover to cover, be sure to look at its bibliography, which will lead you to more sources to dive further into the subject.

EBooks that are new to our collection show up in our eBooks on EBSCOhost database before they make it to our catalog, so it's always worth the extra step of looking there when doing research. Among other new titles in the collection:

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