Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Archives Exhibit

If you've come by recently, you've probably noticed the new exhibit at the entrance of the Library and Media Center. This display features a sampling of items found in Berklee's newly-formalized Archives

"From Schillinger House to Berklee School: One College's Journey..."

Here are a few highlights: 

  • Official announcement of Berklee’s renaming in 1970 when it became the Berklee College of Music. The College had previously been known as the Berklee School of Music since 1954, following its founding as Schillinger House in 1945.
  • Commencement 1971 program, featuring commencement speaker Arif Mardin (‘61, H ‘85) and Berklee’s first honorary degree recipient, Duke Ellington (H ‘71).
  • Framed and signed composition written by Berklee faculty members Al Kooper and Dennis Montgomery III for Lee Eliot Berk, president of the College from 1971-2004:
“Musical Fortress: The Lee Berk Song”

Lee Berk didn’t grow up in the style of Tom Sawyer.
Lee Berk went to school to be a lawyer.
But Lee Berk’s name backwards is a musical Acronym,
so he went to work in the school they named after him.
Twenty four years he’s been our leader and the man
and in this space he’s made a place every musician can understand.
The more you know about what it is you do
a better melody will come from deep inside of you.
Lee Berk, all of us salute you tonight.

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