Friday, March 15, 2013

New Database: Academic Charts Online

The library just introduced a new database, Academic Charts Online. While most of our databases offer access to articles, this one is uniquely focused on record sales charts. Some examples of what you can research:
  • Nirvana overtaking Michael Jackson, marking a radical shift in the pop music landscape
  • The Dixie Chicks' sales plummeting after Natalie Maines' disparaging comment about President Bush
  • Whitney Houston's chart position skyrocketing after her untimely death
  • Proof that David Hasselhoff really is big in Europe, Austria to be specific
  • The top songs or albums on a particular date
ACO covers charts from the US, Spain, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with more countries coming. You can view the data in table or graphic form and create custom graphs to show comparisons between different releases. Many entries include sound clips and links to article databases (to the extent that we subscribe to those external databases). The site includes an introductory product tour.

We're still getting to know this distinctive resource. Let us know how you're making use of it so we can share ideas.

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