Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Cage Centennial

John Cage was born September 5, 1902. Media outlets such as the Los Angeles Times and NPR have articles on his work and influence.

We have a wide range of materials related to Cage. We have things about Cage, for example:
  • A John Cage Reader: In Celebration of His 70th Birthday compiled and edited by Peter Gena and Jonathan Brent (ML410.C24 J64 1982)
We have recordings of work, both on CD and streaming, such as:
We have scores, such as:
  • First Construction (In Metal): Percussion Sextet with Assistant (M685.C24 C61)
We also have his writings, for example:
In addition, if you need a quiet place to study, we are staging a marathon performance of Cage's 4:33 in the Reading Room. We do our best to maintain a space where you can concentrate, and we always have a bowl of earplugs available if the street or construction noise outside are intrusive.

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