Friday, September 21, 2012

Use Oxford/Grove Music Online to Identify Operas

It's a typical library reference question, trying to identify something without knowing the title. If it's an opera you're after, we have new tools to help. Grove Music Online has introduced the Grove Opera Indexes as part of Oxford Music Online. There are three indexes:

Index of Opera Incipits
The index of opera incipits is a selective list of the first lines of arias, ensembles, and other pieces from the repertory, each one hyperlinked to the articles on the opera and composer from which it came.

Index of Operas under Composers
The index of operas under composers lists all operas covered in The Grove Book of Operas under the composers who wrote them, alphabetized by composer.

Index of Opera Roles
The index of opera roles allows users to browse major opera roles from A to Z with ease, and includes hyperlinks to the operas, composers, and singers who created the roles.

Berklee users on campus can go straight to these pages. If you are off campus, you'll need to go through the library website to be authenticated as a Berklee user. Along the way, you will be prompted to log in as a Berklee user:

Start from our e-Resources page:
Click on "Search Articles & More."
Click on "Search by database."
Click on "Oxford / Grove Music Online."
Click on "Tools & Resources."
The links to the three indexes are listed under "Grove Opera Indexes."

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