Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Love Will Tear Us Apart" and Other Video Bass Instruction

Journalist Hobey Echlin just posted a video from 2001 to YouTube in which Peter Hook, Joy Division's bass player, teaches him how to play the bass line from the band's iconic "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

Want to learn more? Sure, you could poke around on YouTube hoping to stumble upon something useful among the videos with poor production values or iffy instruction. Or you could take advantage of the library's collection of commercially-produced instructional DVDs. Our learning DVDs are available at the circulation desk in the main library, and their call numbers start with LVD. Students can check them out for 2 weeks.

To find them in our catalog, do an advanced search, select Video under Item Type and Main Library under Select Library, then add any search terms you like. In this case, search bass as a subject to see what we have.

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